NLS Magnetic Scanner

how it works

These are electromagnetic vibrations with very low frequencies that can transmit information in the human brain, bypassing ordinary senses. Out of 10 million units of information only one is recognized, the others are fixed in the subconscious. Information from the sphere of the subconscious is collected spontaneously or at the level of altered states of consciousness, such as hypnosis, sleep, meditation or while taking psychotropic drugs.

The NLS diagnostic method allows individual assessment of the bioenergy status of each organ. The results can be obtained in the form of visual images with the topography of the studied area, as well as graphical features that allow us to analyze body tissue damage, enabling a more accurate determination of not only the type of changes (inflammation or damage), but also accurate diagnosis.



Our analysis is accurate in 98%, because the program allows you to research locally and in detail. The sensors in the headphones are designed to accurately recognize specific frequencies when the patient is present. The detailed software helps to provide the most accurate analysis, and the sensors identify specific frequencies, which helps in returning to good health.

Bioresonance Magnetic Scanner NLS Technology

It is is a device that belongs to a completely new class of devices, referred to as brain interfaces. Electromagnetic vibrations of very low frequency are responsible for sending information to the brain, omitting typical senses. Human recognizes only one type of information out of ten million, most of it is processed in the subconscious. Information found in the sphere of the subconscious can be brought to the light - both spontaneously and due to different states of consciousness, such as hypnosis, dreams, meditation, etc.

The use of headphones as electromagnetic wave relays, which are close to the alpha brain waves, brings excellent results in diagnostics.

The therapy carried out with the help of Our device is based on the strategic placement of magnetic inductors. The electromagnetic signals are transmitted through the headphones to clean the blockages of energy flow in the body. In order to fully cure the body, several therapeutic sessions are required, because the first sessions are used to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis related to the patient's condition. Computer sensors record data while electrodes exert a healing effect on the body.

Three main functions of NLS Health Analyzer

What is an NLS health analyzer?

What's NLS and what technology does is use

Nowadays, lifestyle means that all the most important processes can be disturbed due to internal and external sources of stress, high demands of the environment, consumption of processed food, smog, toxins in the surrounding environment and geopathic frictions. The body responds to all these factors with chronic stress, which can lead to problems with the immune system, resulting in all symptoms: fatigue, allergies, chronic diseases, etc. In this situation, the treatment of single symptoms is pointless, full recovery is possible only thanks to detoxify the body, reduce stress and reactivate the central nervous system. Meta-therapy perfectly copes with all these tasks.

The cells and tissues of the human body are composed of molecules that remain in constant motion - vibrate in the only way that is right for them. Vibrations and their frequencies read and record the brain. In this way is informed about the condition of the entire body. When a part begins to get sick, its vibration frequency changes, which again registers our brain. Similar patterns of health information, pathological processes have our device.

During the test, the program sends questions about the state of health, in the form of electromagnetic waves, to the body and tissues of the patient, they trigger in them the formation of similar waves that return to the program. The computer compares them with the appropriate patterns saved in the program. He makes complicated calculations and their results are presented in a visual form.