NLS Magnetic Scanner

Analysis of your health
with the lastest technology

NLS allows you to conduct a thorough analysis of your health. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, conclusions are drawn that can lead to determining the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment of the patient.

Bioresonance therapy is a breakthrough research technology based on quantum physics. The word "bioresonance" derives from resonance - synchronization, balance, consonance. Stress causes blockage of energy flow, which in turn causes illness and discomfort.

NLS Technology - bioresonance of the future

NLS - How it Works


It shows the level and the presence of potential allergies, hormones, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and infections - with one of the highest accuracy rates of up to 98% along with the determination of the exact location.

What our clients say

For over 5 years i was struggling with skin problems. I’ve spent hours going from one clinic to another hoping to finally get a correct diagnosis. Instead I was always sending back home with a new different clean to try. Unfortunately non of them worked. Only NLS scan body was able to diagnose the problem giving full description and location when where the problem is located! I could not believe that in less then 1 hour I had all the results ready from my scan! It was a miracle. Also the therapist offered me a range of treatment plans and options. Finally I knew that with Mr Marek help and his knowledge and experience I have a chance to healthy again. After numbers of therapies my skin look normal again! Thank you so much once again!


I will highly recommend full body scan to everyone! Its absolutely MIND BLOWING how quick, persisted and accurate this device is. In such a short time it scan and diagnose full body identifying sickness that are just starting and could develope to a serious health problem in the future. Its amazing to have this possibility to know if there is anything from with my body act yet to be able to act before the sickness become a serious problem. With NLS I was able to treat parasites and bacterias straight after the scan and see with my own eyes how it improves!


My friend recommended me to try NLS scan to find out what is the reason that me and my daughter have constant cravings for any type of sweets. Its been like this for a while and on top of it both of us have no energy, feeling exhausted to the point that it was difficult to get up from bed no matter how long I have spelt I was always tired. I’m so grateful to get that scan because it came out that me and my daughter had Lyme Disseas along with viruses and parasites. The therapy treatments took a long time to process all of it but thanks to amazing Staff and Mr Marek who gave us so much support and help we got thru this and now we are healthy again! I can not thank enough for everything Mr Marek done for me and my daughter! Thank you!

Susan and Holly


It also allows the analysis of structures and tissues at the cellular level, detection of parasites, viruses, bacteria, infections and fungi, as well as their location, health forecast - thanks to the analysis of the distribution of the cell vitality trend, the patient will receive a health forecast for the next 3-5 years.